Title pages


Ghost Stories and Phantom Fancies (1858) by James Hain Friswell.

The vast repository of copyright-free images from the British Library is still being sifted into Flickr sets. These are a few examples from a set of 786 title pages which range from elegant book plates to Dime Westerns and Penny Dreadfuls. A Plunge into Space is a science-fiction novel about a journey to the planet Mars in a spaceship called The Steel Globe. Robert Cromie was also the author of A New Messiah (1901), and The Crack of Doom (1895). The latter—which has some great chapter titles: The Universe A Mistake!, The Murder Club, A Telepathic Telegram—may be read here.


Vom Amazonas und Madeira (1874) by Franz Keller-Leuzinger.


Yorkshire Rivers. Reproduced from The Yorkshire Weekly Post (1890) by Tom Bradley.


A Plunge into Space (1890) by Robert Cromie.


Idylls of the King (1898) by Alfred Tennyson. Illustrated by George and Louis Rhead.

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A Trip to Mars