Weekend links 445


Masayo Fukuda‘s octopus is cut from a single sheet of paper.

• “But in the title track, Homosapien contains a truly great song; four and a half minutes of bubbling synth and clever wordplay, atop which Shelley puts to one side the knowing coyness he’d frequently inserted into his contributions to the Buzzcocks catalogue, loosens his tie, and, as much as he ever committed to tape, is explicit in telling the listen exactly what he desires.” James McMahon on Pete Shelley’s first proper solo album.

Kosmischer Läufer, the reissue project for East German kosmische music of the 1970s which may not be entirely authentic, has now reached its fourth volume. Authentic or not, the attention to detail is impressive.

• One of my favourite browsing places this month: NASA Image and Video Library.

• At Dangerous Minds: Eric Stanton and the History of the Bizarre Underground.

• Public domain artworks in high resolution at the Art Institute of Chicago.

• Mix of the week: FACT Mix 686 by the The Radiophonic Workshop.

• At Dennis Cooper’s: Les Blank Day.

Art of the Poster 1880–1918.


Interstellar Rock: Kosmische Musik (1974) by Cosmic Jokers | Sehr Kosmisch (1974) by Harmonia | Meine Kosmische Musik (1974) by Sternenmädchen

4 thoughts on “Weekend links 445”

  1. Thank you kindly for the link. I am honoured as I have frequently visited your site, unsurprisingly as you cover a lot of my favourite artists/films/books etc in the most exemplary fashion. You have made my day!

  2. 2nd & 3rd the above!
    Feuilleton is
    *THE continually expanding Book of Revelations online*
    RIGHT UP TO THE LAST DAY OF THE YEAR: Junji! THET Kauffer kover! An Art of The Poster link above shewing heretofore unseen classicks–strike up
    *The Celebrated Comic Rajade Troupe*
    Better yet–let’s bring LINK to Manchester to ring in them chimes!

    Thank YOU, Sir!

  3. Thanks, everyone. I will, of course, be continuing in the usual fashion since I can’t help sharing interesting things, and offering an alternative to the monoculture(s) we’re all supposed to accept without question.

    I’m currently working on a series of my own creations which I’m hoping may find their way into the world this year. More about this later.

    TjZ: Link Wray in Manchester…!

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