Roger Dean book covers


The View Over Atlantis (1972).

The covers in question are the handful that Roger Dean produced for paperbacks in the 1970s and 80s, rather than those for his own books and the ones he edited. Given the popularity of Dean’s work in the 1970s you’d expect there to be more than this although I’m not sure he would have had the time for any more work than he was doing already.

The two covers for Pan Science Fiction vexed me for a while since the art is reproduced in Dean’s Views collection but with no mention of the book titles. It’s taken some time, but ISFDB has updated its Roger Dean page so I can finally sate my curiosity. The Michell cover is an ideal illustration for the author’s theorising about ley lines but the Pan SF paintings are vague enough to be used on other books, or even on album covers.


The Puppet Masters (1973).


Gold the Man (1973).


The War of the Worlds (1986).

I’ve not read the Colin Greenland books so I can’t say whether their cover art relates to the novels but the Wells cover certainly does. A rare example of Dean depicting a scene from somebody else’s imagination.


The Hour of the Thin Ox (1987).


Other Voices (1988).

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3 thoughts on “Roger Dean book covers”

  1. OMG I have collected editions of War of the Worlds for their art for years and never knew Roger Dean had done one! A childhood favorite and the only real book collecting I’ve ever done. I have a shelf full now. Amazing the variations possible on the Martians’ war machines.

    Terrific, another search begins. Shouldn’t be too hard to find with a mass market imprint like Signet and an afterword from Asimov. I wonder if they credited Dean on the paperback?

  2. ISFDB usually notes the absence of a cover credit so I’d guess he is credited on that one. There’s apparently more of his WOTW illustration in his Magnetic Storm book but I’ve never had a copy of that so can’t confirm for sure.

  3. As I suspected it was not hard to find a copy. I am proud to add it to my collection. And no Dean is not credited.

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