Walking sticks


If I have to use a walking stick in future then my choice of implement would have certain requirements… Who needs an Apple watch when there are timepieces like these to be found?


This elegant design is from Alexander McQueen so it isn’t cheap. I wouldn’t say no to one as a present, however.


Most of these choices are skull-topped canes but this antique piece stood out from the crowd.


An ivory handle from 1890 with a skull at both ends.


And so to the sword sticks. This is a 19th-century model but the ones below are some of the many contemporary designs, many of which are blades rather than rapiers. Until I started searching I didn’t realise how common these were although most of the manufacturers seem to be American. Carrying one of these things in the UK would probably land you in prison. William Burroughs used to recommend carrying a weighted cane for self defence so to that end there’s Self-defence with a Walking-stick by EW Barton-Wright.




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