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Doctor Strange was one of the few superheroes I had any time for, at least when Frank Brunner was drawing the series in the 1970s. His art was a cut above the Kirby imitators, and his ability to convey an endless variety of sorcerous weirdness through inventive drawing and composition made for some memorable comics. This site shows the opening pages of the issue above.

Which preamble is tenuously connected to news that Minor Arcana Press are staging a cover art competition for Drawn to Marvel: Poems from the Comic Books, an anthology of superhero/villain-themed poetry edited by Bryan D. Dietrich and Marta Ferguson. In addition to the winner having their art featured on the cover there’s also a prize of $100. Runners-up will have their contributions printed inside. Multiple entries are accepted, and the deadline is 7th December, 2013. See here for entry details and other information.

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