Valerie and Her Week of Wonders


First English translation, 1970. Faux-Penguin edition by gregoreverb.

1: A Surrealist novel (1932) by Vítezslav Nezval.


Design by Rudolf Nemec.

2: A feature film (1970) by Jaromil Jires (director), Ester Krumbachová (screenplay) and Jirí Musil (dialogue). (Region 2 DVD from Second Run.)


Design by Josef Vylet’al. Figure originally by Aubrey Beardsley from The Comedy Ballet of Marionettes III (1894).


3: Valerie: A song (2003) by Broadcast.


4: The Valerie Project: A musical group and album (2007).

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  1. Ah, that explains why I couldn’t find another copy anywhere! It’s convincing since Penguin often did this, I still have a copy of Steppenwolf somewhere that’s a film tie-in edition.

    I just got a DVD of Morgiana, haven’t watched it yet.

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