Arthur Rising


In which the sorely missed Arthur magazine returns to the world of print after a four-year slumber in Avalon. I was involved with the magazine from the outset so regular readers may recall many earlier posts about America’s most vital cultural bulletin:

After a four-year sabbatical (faked death?), your beloved revolutionary sweetheart Arthur returns to print, renewed, refreshed, reinvigorated and in a bold new format: pages as tall and wide as a daily newspaper, printed in color and black and white on compostable newsprint, with ads only on the back cover(s). Amazing!

In partnership with Portland, Oregon’s Floating World Comics, Arthur’s gang of goofs, know-it-alls and village explainers are back, from Bull Tonguers Byron Coley and Thurston Moore to radical ecologist Nance Klehm to trickster activists Center for Tactical Magic to Defend Brooklyn‘s socio-political commentator Dave Reeves to a host of new, fresh-faced troublemakers, edited by ol’ fool Jay Babcock and art directed by Yasmin Khan. You want a peek at the contents? Sorry, compadre. That would be saying too much, too soon. Wait ’til Dec. 22, 2012: that’s right—THE DAY AFTER THE NON-END OF THE WORLD!

Please keep in mind… Arthur is no longer distributed for free anywhere. Those days are (sadly) long gone. Now you gotta buy Arthur or you won’t see it. Our price: Five bucks cheeeeeep!

Arthur No. 33
Broadsheet newspaper, 15″ x 22.75″
Available Dec. 22, 2012

The NYT picked up on the news on Thursday. Is re-launching a paper magazine in 2012 a crazy idea? We’re about to find out. A selection of my illustrations for previous issues follows.


MBV Arkestra (2003).


The Aeon of Horus (2004).


Out, Demons, Out! (2004).


Brian Eno (2005).


Sir Richard Bishop (2007).

4 thoughts on “Arthur Rising”

  1. Great news john! This is where I first discovered your work and site.

    Any news on who will be carrying it in the UK? $13 inc p&p is a bit steep but I would consider an annual subscription in order to show my support.

    I am also a proud owner of the Expanding Universe on vinyl , thanks to your feature. Regarding Annette Peacock are there any variations in audio quality, track listings between the Sony/Columbia and Light In The Attic issues, that you are aware of?

    Once again many thanks.

  2. If anyone was going to cook up a smart visual pun based on a Kenneth Anger film, I reckon it would have to be you, John. Beautifully done, it looks just like the real ‘Lucifer,’ most impressive. Glad also that ‘Arthur’ – never shy to praise the good works of Ron & Russell Mael – is back.

  3. Hi Scott: No idea about UK distro of Arthur yet but I’ll ask Jay about that. The magazine had a number of European readers in its earlier run so I imagine there’s still an interest.

    Re: Annette Peacock, all I’ve heard properly is the first reissue that she did herself (the Ironic Records one) which sounds far better than some of the crackly tracks that were floating around YouTube beforehand. No more tracks than was on the original release but it sounds great, obviously taken from the original master. I got one of the signed ones.

    Richard: Thanks. The Lucifer/Arthur thing was actually fairly easy. Well, probably easier than it looks…

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