The recurrent pose 44


An item found in a collection of erotic drawings of dubious provenance, this piece is credited to Jean Cocteau. While I can’t be 100% certain it is Cocteau’s work it does closely resemble his other erotic drawings, and the rendering of the ear and hands is typical. Cocteau (or whoever) here does the obvious jokey thing with the Flandrin pose, something I’m surprised I haven’t seen already.

Elsewhere, Nathalie spotted a feature about the photography of Yannis Bournias which features another close variation as well as being gorgeous pictures in their own right.

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2 thoughts on “The recurrent pose 44”

  1. I love this drawing! How can you find out if its reall Jean’s? There is a huge oil painting in the bath house here in New Orleans of this naked guy with Georgia OKeefe(mispelled) forged on the bottom, its one of my favorite things here

  2. There’s book collections of Cocteau’s erotic drawings so that would be the best place to look. As I noted above, there’s enough about the general style to say it is something of Cocteau’s–and it was in a collection of definite Cocteau pieces–I just try to avoid being too positive when I’m not absolutely certain.

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