inevitable undeniable necessary by Bharti Kher


left: confess (detail) (2009–2010); right: indra’s net mirror 1 (2010).

Works from inevitable undeniable necessary, a solo exhibition by Bharti Kher at Hauser & Wirth, London. Kher was born in Britain but lives and works in New Delhi, India. This is her first solo exhibition in London and it runs to May 15, 2010.


the great chase (2009–2010).

One thought on “inevitable undeniable necessary by Bharti Kher”

  1. whilst the work is visually compelling Im not quite convinced, indian art now is simply what chinese art was a decade ago, indian sculpture is far more interesting than its painting (simply compare the upper and lower works)
    but then again Im not creating an investment porfolio so its all moot.
    (if you come across a pacific island conceptualist in the next couple of years however buy everything they have! SO hot five minutes into the future)

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