The art of Goh Mishima, 1924–1989



The gay artists archive is currently receiving more than twice as many visits as the rest of these pages so here’s a new addition to what is, it should be stressed, only a personal selection, not a definitive catalogue.

Goh Mishima (born Tsuyoshi Yoshida) specialised in what everyone seems to call “Yakazuza porn” although many of his men have fewer tattoos than genuine Japanese gangsters. Given the Japanese predilection for exploring every fetish imaginable someone had to cover this area. His name, of course, alludes to writer Yukio Mishima and there’s a lot about his work that Mishima would have enjoyed. The Tom of Finland Foundation has a small selection of works and there’s also an exhibition of originals running this month at the Gramercy Gallery. Their site is blighted by pointless Flash bollocks, however; go here instead for further pictures. (Dead link: try the Leslie Lohman Museum or this page at Japanese Gay Art instead.)

Note: The Tom of Finland Foundation biography page says Goh Mishima died three days before Emperor Hirohito in “1988”. Since Hirohito actually died in 1989 that’s the date I’ve listed here.

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  1. I saw a lot of sketches and books on this subject on a recent trip to Pattaya, Thailand in a large bookshop called Canterbury Tales Cafe, they have a section on Erotica and some interesting Gay Thailand books.

  2. Hi Pinche. That’s a holding page from the domain owner since whoever was running Homo Neurotic has evidently let their domain ownership lapse. This seems to happen a lot with gay sites, people run them for a year or two then give up leaving everyone with dead links. I’ve amended the link above.

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