The art of Mihály Zichy, 1827–1906


The Triumph of the Genius of Destruction (1878).

A Hungarian artist with a flair for the pandemoniac, as can be seen from this lurid anti-war painting. Zichy is also known today for Love, a series of erotic etchings produced in the 1870s. These may or may not include the masturbating male at the end of this post, attributed to Zichy and included here for curiosity value. Masturbating women are a common sight in drawn or painted porn, men far less so unless the artists were gay. In a similar vein, there’s this picture.


Demon: sketch for The Triumph of the Genius of Destruction (1878).


Falling stars (1879).


Love (187?).

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7 thoughts on “The art of Mihály Zichy, 1827–1906”

  1. It’s another odd one, isn’t it? Makes me think that the title of that series, Love, was intended as a summation of human sexual experience in general, rather than being mere porn. In that respect it’s quite unusual, especially considering the period.

  2. I have the full book of Zichy from a late friend. (the limited edition at the turn of the last century.)
    Any ideas who may be interested in it?
    Cheers, JP

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