Max Eastley’s musical sculptures


left: Aeolian Harp; right: Wind Flute. 

The Wire has a selection of Max Eastley-related materials among the web exclusives on its site. As well as a photo gallery showing many of his musical instrument/artworks there’s a couple of video clips including part of Simon Reynell’s 1989 film, Clocks of the Midnight Hours. (Title borrowed from a poem by Borges.)

And as you’d expect there’s Eastley work to be seen and heard at YouTube as well, including an extract from Derek Bailey’s excellent documentary series about improvised music, On the Edge. For Eastley on record I’d recommend his 1994 CD with David Toop, Buried Dreams, but that seems to be out of print for the time being.

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  1. Hi Jennifer. This is a post about Max Eastley’s work, not something written by the artist. I’ve never met him and have no idea how you’d get in touch with him.

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