Metropolis posters

Fritz Lang’s masterpiece via some of its posters, all from 1927.
This site is a great source of information about the film.


Designer: Heinz Schulz-Neudamm.
As of 2005, the world’s most expensive film poster, selling for $690,000.


Is the picture on the left the original jacket of Thea von Harbou’s novel? Information is scarce although the poster next to it is by Werner Graul who may have produced both designs.


Designer: Josef Bottlik


Designer: Boris Bilinsky.


Designer: Boris Bilinsky.


Designer: Boris Bilinsky.


Designer: Boris Bilinsky.

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4 thoughts on “Metropolis posters”

  1. Is it possible that not anyone seriously interested in film has seen this movie? It is one of the masterpieces of German Expressionism tilted left. A great allegory of the privileged rich living in luxury and sunshine at the expense of the working poor. The contrast between the life of splendor on the surface and the misery of the workers underground tending infernal machines is visually stunning. The posters always seem, to me, misleading as robot makes the movie seem to be an early work of science fiction rather then a political allegory. The wealthy will stop at nothing, even providing an android messiah to keep the working class dossal and distracted. Is this 2007?.
    I will say that the happy conclusion: heart-hand-brain looks like a failure of nerve. I would rather have seen the rich cut to pieces by the proletariat.

  2. i have a Dutch copy of Metropolis with separate DW, its the same a the one on the left (head of the woman). Can send you an image

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