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  1. Hola. Just had to say I got it and its nice. I forgot how drawn out the introduction to all the partygoers in the ‘Pleasure Dome’. Almost to the point of being irritating. Once the somnambulist arises though, the mood quickly shifts from odd to erratic, so I guess it all works well together. I never realized the marionette like creature with the hidden face and quill fingers was supposed to be Hecate, but so many differing things have been written of Anger’s films, that I pay all but no regard to what is said by others. I am more content looking onward without really knowing what meaning there may be behind every little thing. I’d never seen those older ones, they’re surprising clear in quality considering age and all.

  2. Thanks for the review. Yes, Inauguration is a slow starter but that’s pretty deliberate on Anger’s part since he spent ages editing the film. I think it probably helps to have a chemically-assisted viewing.

    The somnambulist was played by Curtis Harrington who made some Anger-like short films of his own (including one about Cameron) before going on to do features.

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