How to make crop circles

crop_circles.jpgThe Field Guide: the Art, History & Philosophy of Crop Circle Making
by Rob Irving & John Lundberg.
Edited by Mark Pilkington

Three decades ago, two men in their fifties began flattening circles into the fields of Hampshire and Wiltshire. Little did they know that their Friday night antics would seed an international phenomenon that continues to change people?s lives to this day.

Now, in the first book of its kind—part history and part how-to guide—the secrets of the crop circle world are revealed, by the people behind the modern era?s most astounding artform. Whether you think crop circles represent a genuine mystery, a new kind of art, or an elaborate practical joke, The Field Guide is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The English landscape would never be the same again!

• How two men in their fifties “conned the world” and spawned an international phenomenon.
• Three generations of crop circle makers tell the stories behind the amazing crop formations, in the first book of its kind.
• Secrets of the artists revealed in a complete “how-to” guide!
• Inside the world of the “croppies”, the people who study the crop circles.
• Bizarre beliefs examined, bogus science exposed!
• In-depth interviews with Doug Bower, the man who started it all, and The Circlemakers, the team behind some of the most spectacular formations on record.
• From the team behind and the editor and publisher of Strange Attractor Journal.

£8.99, Pb, 288pp, heavily illustrated. ISBN 0954805429
File under Art / Culture / Paranormal Phenomena
Available late August 2006 from all good bookshops
or from and
Strange Attractor Press

4 thoughts on “How to make crop circles”

  1. Corn circles
    Appearing all over the land
    Corn circles
    Appearing all over the land
    Nobody knows where they come from
    Nobody understands

    Corn circles
    Mysterious symbols in the fields
    Corn circles
    Mysterious symbols in the fields
    No one knows – are they phony
    Or maybe are they real?

    Corn circles!
    Corn circles!

    Corn circles
    Is somebody playing a trick?
    Corn circles
    Pixies, witches, hoaxers
    Take your pick
    Throw a few theories out there
    See what sticks!

    Corn circles!
    Corn circles!

    Corn circles
    Patterns in the gold
    Corn circles
    Pretty patterns in the gold
    Like something out of the future
    Or something very old
    – Mike Scott The Waterboys


  2. alight,

    I agree that there a large amount of hoaxes out ther but at the same time crop circles have appeared overnight in small villages in the middle of no where that even 50 people with extremely detailed plans would strugle to achieve so perfectly.

    I’m not saying there is alternative intelligent life forms out circulating our planet but if there were they would have copped on to our recent and massive technological advances and left some of the brilliant designs as a kind of hello or maybe there is several busses driving about with 100 or so people who expertly design the circles then go and co- ordinate themselves perfectly to achieve the circles.

    who really knows nor me or you nor anyone in fairness except those who truly made the circles themselves

  3. I would suggest that any debunker, sceptic, or potential rope and board hoaxer could do a lot worse than air a few brain cells by reading some of the transcripts on the L/L Research website. Unfortunately Mankind on this planet has been hoodwinked for centuries by religio/politico indoctrination and is so trapped in the three dimensional, third density illusion that it can’t, won’t or simply refuses to look further than the end of its nose. This beautiful planet is already undergoing changes that, the powers that be, are trying desperately to account for. The rising temperatures, the so-called, global warming, is not solely due to the noxious gases of industry or of man’s self indulgent life styles. For not only is the temperature rising; the planetary vibrational frequency is also rising. This dear old Earth is moving into into a segment of the universe where it will become a 4th density planet of much higher vibrational frequency. The upheavals that are now taking place are simply re-arranging the planetary structure
    to conform to the new frequency. The crop circle and ufo phenomena should surely indicate that there may well be ‘others’in the universe with more than a passing interest in what is happening here. The application of logic to crop circles could be waste of time as too would be attempting to apply our own physical laws to ufo’s. The operation of ufo’s could well be a means of monitoring the activities of mankind and the formation of crop circles a means of communication that we are having trouble interpreting. Anyone who thinks that either is insignificant must have their head deeply embedded in sand.
    There have obviously been spurious ufo reports and crop circle hoaxers. sometimes for a laugh and sometimes with the intention of definitely deceiving the public at large and of course ridicule can be a devastating weapon against truth. So perhaps the time is now overdue for the ‘anything for a laugh’ boys to make use of the brain cell they share with others of their kind and try to discover just what is happening. One of the requisites for a rise in planetary vibration is for the inhabitants of that planet to attempt to raise their own vibratiional frequency. It is not for me to explain how, but taking a good look at how we are currently rubbishing the planet might be the best place to start

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