There’s nothing new about the observation that American superhero comics are often stupidly sexist. The tendency to depict women in superhero comics as little more than super-powered fetish figures increased considerably during the 1990s, so much so that at one time The Comics Journal was making a regular note each issue of recent covers showing women with breasts larger than their heads. This Livejournal page does an amusing job of showing how the comic racks might look if there was at least a degree of equality at work.

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2 thoughts on “Super-objects!”

  1. You know, being almost entirely hetrosexual (lol) one would have thought that seeing leather/lycra/alien fabric encased breast would provide atleast a small degree of excitement amongst such a died in the wool comic reader but on those very rare occasions of doubt, by christ, its good to see a bulging cod or two!

    I myself have made a four page short comic on the subject of the penis. I’m sure im not alone.


  2. As far as penises go, Robert Crumb got there first in Zap Comix with a short strip entitled ‘The Pricksters’:

    At least superheroes today are drawn with a bulge, however vague. The days of the Jack Kirby figure standing with his legs six feet apart showing a flat groin seem to be over.

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