The Midnight Parasites by Yoji Kuri


The Midnight Parasites (1972) is a good example of the kind of animation I’m often searching for: strange and grotesque yet with its own internal logic. Yoji Kuri populates a Surrealist landscape with infernal creatures borrowed from Hieronymus Bosch, a succession of humanoids and predatory monsters whose struggles for survival are overlaid with an uncredited electronic score. I can imagine Roland Topor enjoying this one, it belongs in the same solar system as Fantastic Planet. Watch it here.

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6 thoughts on “The Midnight Parasites by Yoji Kuri”

  1. Nice. I just finished perusing Jim Woodring’s 400 page wordless One Beautiful Spring Day which is similarly Bosch influenced

  2. One thing that comics and animation have in common (aside from the obvious basis in drawing) is the ability to get as weird as this. That book looks like a good one.

  3. Thanks, I’d not seen that one before. The music was a surprise since I have the Weidorje album which Goude played on in 1978. I ought to explore his other music.

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