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Derek Jarman In The Key Of Blue


Derek Jarman died 20 years ago today. I was keeping a sketchbook at the time, something I’ve seldom bothered with before or since, and this was my reaction to the news a couple of days later, possibly drawn whilst watching one the TV documentaries which were being screened at the time.

Some current news items:
England’s alchemist, a piece by Philip Hoare
Unseen nightclub film to get London premiere
‘So Mum covered me in cooking oil. Then Dad came home’
Queer Pagan Punk, a season of films by Jarman and others, is currently running at the BFI Southbank.

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  1. #1 posted by herr doktor bimler


    No link to your earlier “key of blue” post??

  2. #2 posted by John


    I thought I’d leave people to make the connection themselves.

  3. #4 posted by herr doktor bimler


    Oops, sorry for spoiling it for the rest of the class.

    Now that I’ve already strayed off-topic — that earlier post inspired me to use a line from Symonds’ essay in the title of a recent paper on the Italian lexicon for ‘blue’.






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