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Fenella Fielding reads Colette


The latest post at Strange Flowers reminded me of some work of mine that appeared earlier this month which I can finally mention. Fenella Fielding reads Colette is another of those long-gestating recordings from Savoy’s audio division which has been released at last after a lengthy hiatus. This is a double-disc CD set of Fenella’s own selection from the writings of Colette, an author Fenella knows well having portrayed her in Colette, a play by Elinor Jones.


The CD set is a digipak which I designed using a variety of Art Nouveau motifs printed in metallic gold on white card. All the photos are either of Colette or Fenella herself, past and present; the lengthy booklet notes were by the late Monty Haltrecht, a novelist and friend of Fenella’s who followed her career for many years. Monty approved of my initial draft of the design so it’s a shame he wasn’t able to see the finished thing. For the moment the CDs are available only through Savoy but the readings should be on iTunes in due course.





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  1. #1 posted by Clive Hicks-Jenkins


    Long ago I found myself a few seats from her at a Lindsay Kemp performance of ‘Salome’. She had such a presence that I couldn’t stop my gaze from returning to her. Throughout the evening you could have taken your choice for watching the performance, or watching F F’s reaction to it. Both were equally intense and entertaining.

  2. #2 posted by Clive Hicks-Jenkins


    Congratulations too on your beautiful design. Perfect!

  3. #3 posted by John


    Thanks, Clive. Lucky you seeing the Lindsay Kemp! I was fortunate to meet Fenella during one of the Savoy sessions. She was just as charming as you’d expect.






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