The Courts of the Feyre


Three new cover designs of mine for Angry Robot which were made public a few hours ago. The Courts of the Feyre is a fantasy series by British author Mike Shevdon set in present-day Britain and involving “a world of dark magic and strange creatures hidden in plain sight.” Two of these titles are reprints, Strangeness and Charm is a new addition to the series, and there are plans for a fourth title later on.


Marc at Angry Robot wanted a distinctive, uniform look for the series, and I’m very pleased with the way the designs turned out. Since the plan was to use a decorative frame printed on black I decided to have a tilted square in the centre of each cover to make a shape that would catch the eye on a shelf or when seen as a thumbnail image. It’s also possible to interpret the squares as a kind of “court” within each design, with each court containing articles relevant to that story.

All three books are due to be published in June 2012.


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