The art of Ephraim Moses Lilien, 1874–1925


Marvellous black-and-white work from a Galician artist whose drawings were predominately concerned with Jewish and Zionist themes. These are from a small monograph about the artist, The New Art of an Ancient People; The Work of Ephraim Mose Lilien (1906) which can be downloaded at the Internet Archive. Elsewhere there’s a page here about the artist with further examples and links, a gallery site with a catalogue of his drawings of Palestine, and some of his illustrations can also be found in back issues of Jugend magazine.



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Jugend, 1900

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  1. I am working on an appraisal of three Lilien prints.

    Die Engel, Simson, Blumen im Herbst. Can someone provide an estimated retail value for insurance on these items?


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