The art of Warwick Goble, 1862–1943


Moon Maiden (1910).

Goble’s Moon Maiden, an illustration from Green Willow and Other Japanese Fairy Tales, is proof that a peacock train needn’t be the sole preserve of masculine birds, but then Ruth St Denis had already shown us that. Art Passions has a decent selection of Goble’s fairy pictures although if you want to see the full complement of drawings made for these books you need to consult the Internet Archive. As usual with illustrators of this period, I find I prefer many of the black-and-white works over the paintings; Art Passions doesn’t have any of those, unfortunately, while the book scans are too low-res to do them justice. Once again, Bud Plant provides an overview of the artist’s career.


Sea-Nymphs – Ding-Dong, Bell (1920).

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  1. I have just bought a water colour with Warwick Goble signature in the bottom right corner its titled St Michaels Mount Cornwall, a beautiful penciland water colour has anybody seen this before or have you got any info about the painting
    Many Thanks

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