5 thoughts on “Teo Macero, 1925–2008”

  1. http://www.last.fm/music/ZK
    we have used the image from the haunter in the dark for a set of tracks called Starry Wisdom (Coulthart Aspect).
    if it annoys you mail me, and i will remove it.
    Your picture both inspired and generated sounds for the track
    Starry Wisdom (Coulthart Aspect)

  2. Hi Mark, no problem with that, of course, and thanks!

    I always think of Teo Macero as being the George Martin to Miles Davis’s Beatles. (And I’m pretty sure I must be the thousandth person to make that comparison.) The two complemented each other with their different skills and between them (and Miles’s musicians) managed to produce something greater than they would individually. However, as with the Beatles, it’s still down to the music in the end; without that incredible raw material, TM wouldn’t have had anything worth labouring over.

  3. thanks John, yep the comparison is a good one due to the level of input they had.
    that is what a producer should do i guess.
    other obvious ones are: tony visconti, martin hannet, rushent and recently…nigel godrich

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