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Design as virus 3: the sincerest form of flattery


The Mindscape of Alan Moore; film poster by John Coulthart (2003).


Alan Moore: An Extraordinary Gentleman;
event poster by unknown designer (2008).

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  1. #1 posted by Nathalie


    To me, this viral spread is more obvious that for the album covers.
    A talk and reading with Alan Moore… That must be something.
    (The other day in Paris, I took a picture of a river god statue on one of the bridges because I thought it looked just like him…)

  2. #2 posted by John


    Alan gives great readings.

    Was the statue on the bridge near the Grand Palais? (I forget the name.)

  3. #3 posted by Nathalie


    On the Alexander III bridge (that with the golden statues) ?
    It was on Pont Notre Dame (http://www.flickr.com/photos/7333736@N08/2184569305/)

  4. #4 posted by John


    Ah yes, it does look like rather him, although he usually wears a more regular hat than that kind of fruit and veg arrangement.

  5. #5 posted by jahfurry


    someone please video that talk!

  6. #6 posted by Thombeau


    JC, your design is awesome. And what’s that they say about the sincerest form of flattery?

  7. #7 posted by John


    Heh, thanks Thom. And yes, it is the sincerest form of flattery.

  8. #8 posted by Nick


    Tickets for this went far too fast, but I’m hoping it’s a variation on a similar talk Alan gave at the same location a few months ago.

    I’ve also seen the new talk advertised locally with the title “An Extraordinarily Gentle Man”, which sounds twelve times better.

  9. #9 posted by John


    That misconception reminds me of when we did the William Blake reading in 2001 (I was doing the video projection). I arrived early and the guys setting things up on the stage were saying “Are you with the magician?” as though Alan was going to be pulling rabbits out of hats.






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