Another post with a Belgian theme (a coincidence despite my present preoccupation with Franco-Belgian culture), and another that has to be filed under “further research required”. The splendidly titled Fantasmagie was founded by author Serge Hutin and artist Aubin Pascale, and was the newsletter/review for the Centre International pour l’étude de l’Art Fantastique et Magique. 52 issues were published from 1959 to 1979 charting the Belgian continuation of the Surrealist project.


I’d been hoping there might be a collection of all the issues online somewhere but this isn’t the case to date. However, the first 11 issues may be browsed in full at Scribd or downloaded if you use one of the PDF scrapers (search for “Scribd free”). Each issue showcases art by contemporary Surrealists or practitioners of what Ernst Fuchs called Fantastic Realism, all of which was of little interest to the art establishment of the time so from our perspective the artists are fresh discoveries. Issue 8, which is a collage special, is especially good.



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