Peter Edwards times two


Sometimes it pays to have an unusual name… Ritual is a 1967 novel by David Pinner which has been claimed on many occasions to be the original source for the story which Anthony Shaffer wrote as The Wicker Man. An illustrator named Peter Edwards was responsible for the cover graphic and possibly the hand-drawn type as well. Searching for more of his work turned up this elegant cover for an Everyman title (at this rather tasty illustration blog) but little else.


Metatron’s Cube.

There is, however, a younger Peter Edwards who also happens to be an illustrator with a website here and an example of his work above. Are the two related, perhaps? In addition to this pair there’s a third Peter Edwards who paints portraits. Pity the poor artist trying to carve a niche for his or herself among a host of similarly-named contemporaries.

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