The art of Yuhan Ito (1882–1951)


Sacred Bridge in Nikko.

Sunsets, mist and moonlight. Yuhan Ito painted watercolours devoted to these subjects, a technique which he endeavoured to replicate in the less subtle print medium seen here. Those remarkable nebulous effects were achieved by avoiding the use of a black line-block although darker lines are still used to emphasise foregound shapes. Ito wasn’t a very prolific artist—you won’t find many more prints than this handful from the 1930s—but what there is of his work stands out immediately from that of his contemporaries.


Pagoda at Nikko.


Ukimi-do in Biwa Lake.


Boats in the Sunset Glow.


Sarusawa Pond.


Mt. Fuji from Tagonoura Bay.


Misty Moon at Miyajima.


Kiyomizu Temple.

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One thought on “The art of Yuhan Ito (1882–1951)”

  1. These examples of his art are serene, misty, mystical and very beautiful. Thank you.

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