The art of Paul Binnie


Dragon and Demon (1997).

More Japanese art, although the artist responsible happens to be Scottish. One of Paul Binnie’s prints appeared here in January in a post about the Itsukushima Shrine together with ukiyo-e views by other artists. Binnie studied print-making with a Japanese master of the medium in the 1990s, and many of his prints that follow traditional ukiyo-e subjects are now valued by collectors. He also has a nice line in homoerotic portraiture, which is what you see here, a few examples from this collectors’ site. Most of my selections are those styled like his traditional prints but you’ll find plenty of paintings and drawings in the “Handsome Men (Bidanshi)” section.


Celadon Censer (2004).


Yoshitoshi’s Ghosts (2004).


Bang Bang (2011).


Hokusai’s Waterfalls (2006).


Katana (2007).


Maple Leaves (1994).

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