Watch Repair


This recent design job is nearing its official release date so I can mention it here. Watch Repair is a limited CD-R release via Manchester’s Ono label. Ono releases tend to be small-run, hand-crafted productions so for this the brief was to design something to fill out a single sheet that would be Risograph-printed then folded around the disc. The music is 37 minutes of guitar improvisation and antique clock sounds wrapped in a reverberant sound design. The detailed attention to spacial effects benefits from headphone listening.


The Watch Repair people (who only go by that name occasionally) have a lot more of this music waiting for release. Also waiting in the wings is a superb reworking of some rare recordings made in the 1980s by author Mark Valentine under the name The Mystic Umbrellas. The latter will be of great interest to those who appreciate Xenis Emputae Travelling Band or to anyone who prowls Bandcamp in search of spectral ambiences. Here’s hoping it receives a release soon. Watch Repair may be ordered from Piccadilly Records.

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