Gilles Rimbault redux


My thanks once again to DR Tenge for notifying me of a new post of drawings by French artist Gilles Rimbault. More marvellous work that this time tends to the metamorphic rather than the erotic. No details as to date or provenance but considering how little there is of Rimbault’s work online it’s good to see anything new at all.






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3 thoughts on “Gilles Rimbault redux”

  1. Wonderful to see his work online!
    Haven’t seen these ones before, but I do have some fantastic illustrations by him which were featured in the 1969/1970 issues of Plexus (I will get around to scanning at some point). I also have a photograph of Gilles from 1967, looking rather dapper in a space age outfit by Pierre Cardin, not sure if the link will work but if it does you can view it here John.

  2. If you go back through the posts at DR Tenge’s he has some scans from Plexus as well.

    The link worked fine, thanks. Interesting seeing another photo of him. That Pierre Cardin outfit is the one Sylvia Anderson used as the basis for the men’s outfits in Captain Scarlet.

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