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Salome (1918) souvenir book.

A few of the Salomés recently added to the Google Art Project. The painting by Andrea Ansaldo shows a head that looks distinctly unwell, something that’s not so common in the world of glow-in-the-dark saints. Ansaldo’s Salomé, meanwhile, is so young and diminutive that she hardly seems capable of holding the platter. One way in which this particular theme has survived for so long is that the narrative thread is the sole thing that connects the many variations, all other details are open to interpretation.

Below there’s a more recent painting by Izabella Gustowska that makes the inevitable connection between Salomé and her Biblical sister, Judith.


Herodias Presented with the Head of the Baptist by Salomé (c. 1630) by Andrea Ansaldo.


Salomé (1870) by Henri Regnault.


Salome (c. 1895) by Bertram Mackennal.


Salome-Judith (1986–1987) by Izabella Gustowska.

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