Max and Dorothea


Photo by Arnold Newman (1942).

I love this photo of Max Ernst by Arnold Newman, one of several pictures of the artist together with Dorothea Tanning in Max Ernst: A Retrospective, a catalogue for a 1975 Guggenheim Museum exhibition at the Internet Archive. The catalogue itself isn’t so revelatory (and most of the reproductions are monochrome) but it’s good to see a connection made between Arnold Böcklin’s Isle of the Dead and Ernst’s work. It’s an obvious parallel: all those porous landscapes and “fishbone forests” which offer a kind of mutated Symbolism. Browse the book here or download it here.


Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson (1961).


Photo by Frederick Sommer (1946).


No photographer credited.


Photo by Frederick Sommer (1946).

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  1. ” If you could change anything in your life, or lives, what would it be?”
    “More color in my dreams. “

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