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I’ve had online art exhibitions in the past but this month some of my work can be seen inside a virtual space. Lovecrafton is a Lovecraft-themed town in Second Life created by illustrator John Aardema. As is evident from the screenshots, the atmosphere is suitably autumnal with the requisite Colonial architecture. I was slightly surprised by these views, almost everything I’d seen of Second Life in the past looked overlit and underdeveloped, giving the impression of a crude computer game.


Carter Family Homestead.

I’ve not visited Lovecrafton but if you have a Second Life account you can access it via this link. Lovecraft-derived artwork by several artists will be displayed in the art gallery there throughout October, all of it annotated and linked to the websites of each artist.


The art gallery.







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4 thoughts on “Hanging in Lovecrafton”

  1. Thank you for the mention, and also for allowing me to hang your art in the gallery. The Lovecrafton sim is actually owned by Radio Riel General Director Gabrielle Riel, who came to me after she heard of the grid-wide Lovecraft Festival, and asked me to build the sim.

    Lovecrafton may fade into the mists of time at the end of October, but it may be transformed into a spooky seaside port. I shall keep you informed.

  2. Coinciding, though from a slight distance, with your recent run of weird/tentacle themed-posts, Takato Yamamoto has another book release looming on the horizon. Though his last release of ‘Coffin of a Chimera’ was somewhat disappointing, albeit not at all bad, simply marred by the fact that pushing one’s talents and applying them in a different way is a double-edged sword, and ‘Chimera’ caught the wrong end of it to my point of view, ‘Rib of a Hermaphrodite’ which immediately preceded, was by far my favorite of his. The reason I find these somewhat related is because Yamamoto’s upcoming ‘Necrophantasmagoria’ finds him, from what little I’ve yet seen of it, going a little tentacle-crazy. In fact, if you look near the bottom of the picture in the following link, in what few Western characters are to be found amidst the writing, you will see a very familiar name.


  3. Ooh, Cthulhu from Yamamoto, that’s a good idea! Looks very promising. Reminds me that I really need to order some of his books before they all get super-rare. Also, thanks for the general reminder. I’ve been planning a new cover recently that needs some of that Nouveau Decadent style so looking at his work again will help that along.

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