Gay octopus sex


So now that I have your undivided attention… You’d think someone would have tried a male variation on Hokusai’s notorious Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife (1814) before now but if they have I’ve not seen it. Hokusai gives us a father-and-son pair of amorous octopuses but the smaller creature is missing from this picture by Tumblr user Joapa. Nice use of texture to give the feel of an old comic book page; if the online poster manufacturers weren’t so prudish I could imagine this doing brisk business. Those wanting more of the boys-and-tentacles micro-fetish are directed to the art of NoBeast for whom { feuilleton } burns an undying and ever-perverse flame. Joapa tip via Homocomix.

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5 thoughts on “Gay octopus sex”

  1. That octopus had better have a careful technique worked out with its beak, that is, unless they’re like many land-dwelling invertebrates and devour their partners during intercourse.

  2. That’s a point, I’d never really considered the beak before. Not that reality has much bearing on the excesses of pornography…

  3. Also, “FIVE TIMES!!!!” and “A MASSIVE EXPLOSION!!” in the background are nice touches, given the subject matter.

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