Odilon Redon’s musical afterlife


Pilgrim Of The Sublunary World (2002) by Heid.

It would have been surprising if Magazine were the only group to have used Odilon Redon’s art for album covers. What is surprising is that these releases are all relatively recent and aren’t the cluster of Goth doodlings I would have expected: descriptions at Discogs list Heid as an industrial outfit, Revelation and While Heaven Wept are doom metal while Spider Trio play jazz. Odilon Redon is unusual in being able to provide artwork strange enough for Magazine or, in the case of his many pastel drawings, pretty enough for classical recordings. I omitted a couple of other CD covers which inset his pictures in dreadful layouts. The Heid album uses more Redon art on the insert pages.


Live @ Rendezvous/Jewelbox Theater 8.12.06 (2007) by Spider Trio.


Never Comes Silence (2007) by Revelation.


L’Amour De Loin (2009) by Kaija Saariaho.


Sorrow Of The Angels (2010) by While Heaven Wept.

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2 thoughts on “Odilon Redon’s musical afterlife”

  1. Wow, the artwork used on “L’Amour De Loin” and “Sorrow Of The Angels” does not look like Redon’s at all; what are the original works?

  2. The While Heaven Wept piece is one of his paintings, not all of which are typical when compared to his pastel drawings. I think the other is one of the pastels that’s been tinted for print.

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