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Being a new ebook imprint from Ann & Jeff VanderMeer:

Cheeky Frawg Books has launched a new website. Does it sell our ebooks? Yes! But very…cheekily. It’s an interactive and mysterious experience you truly won’t want to miss, in a 180-degree scrollable environment. Free content, hidden treasures, singing fish, the animated Myster Odd video, and, of course, the full catalogue of Cheeky Frawg ebooks, including Amal El-Mohtar’s The Honey Month and the ODD? anthology, featuring Jeffrey Ford, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Amos Tutuola, Hiromi Goto, Nalo Hopkinson, and many more.

Cheeky Frawg specializes in quality, self-aware e-books. We hand-craft every e-book on a letterpress using only the best, most perfectly formed 00000s and 111111s.  Forthcoming titles include the legendary The Encyclopedia of Victoriana by Jess Nevins, It Came From the North: Finnish Weird edited by Jukka Halme and Tero Ykspetäja, Jagganath by Swedish sensation Karin Tidbeck and Don’t Pay Bad for Bad by iconic Nigeria writer Amos Tutuola.

Note: A percentage of direct sales in December will go to aid iconic fantasy editor, artist, and writer Terri Windling, who is suffering from financial woes.


In the first run of titles is the ebook edition of The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals whose print edition I designed a while back. And mention of Amos Tutuola reminds me that I’ve had a copy of his My Life in the Bush of Ghosts for years and still not read it. While we’re on the subject of Ann & Jeff’s projects, a reminder that Weird Fiction Review is still posting unique pieces of weird fiction, interviews and essays.

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