Yuri Yakovenko bookplates


Yet more bookplates, discovered whilst browsing the wealth of material at this Japanese site recommended by Andy Paciorek. Belarus artist Yuri Yakovenko’s name is given a number of spellings on various sites so I’ve gone with the one from a Belarus art page since they can be presumed to know best how to label their fellow artists. Yakovenko’s hyper-detailed, occult-inflected brand of Surrealist imagery is so striking you have to wonder why his work hasn’t gained more visibility. Is it because the contemporary Ex Libris print world appears to be a self-contained zone within the wider art market? Whatever the answer, this is a region worthy of further investigation.



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  1. Nathalie: Yes, I posted something about the Jodorowsky films three years ago. (Was it really that long?) The UK releases are slightly better as they have a few additional extras.

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