Mel Roberts: California Dreaming


Sean Patrick (1968).

Mel Roberts’ photos have featured here before but it’s doubtful they will do again seeing as the photographer died in 2007 so we won’t see any more of his Californian boys. His complete archive, comprising several thousand prints, is up for sale as part of an auction which begins today. have the details if you’re wealthy enough to bid for something; the rest of us can admire the pictures. Tip via V-M-P.

Best known for his photos of tanned—often nude—young men basking in the California sun, the iconic photographer first published his work in the popular physique magazines of the early ’60s. By the end of his career, Roberts had taken over 50,000 photographs of nearly 200 models, many of them friends and lovers.


Bobby Kroop (1973).

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California boys by Mel Roberts

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