Haeckel fractals


In which Ernst Haeckel’s Art Forms in Nature are given the Mandelbrot treatment. The example above is one of a number of variations created using the splendid Gorgon-headed Starfish, a creature I’ve messed with myself a couple of times.

These fractal images have been created by the Subblue people using their Fractal Explorer plug-in for Adobe’s Pixel Bender Toolkit, both of which are free downloads. I’ve not had chance to play around properly with Pixel Bender but the results here make it seem worth spending time getting to grips with its rather primitive interface.

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Ernst Haeckel, Christmas card artist

6 thoughts on “Haeckel fractals”

  1. “Ooooooooooooh,” said Evan.

    Haeckel’s work is so intricate already, it’s obviously very difficult to make it more elaborate. I would consider this a success.

  2. This image is awesome! I’ve actually (ignorantly) never been familiar with this sort of “biological art” before but have had a read around and it’s fascinating. My friend is a neuroscientist and keeps telling me about how the weird under-the-microscope-images that come up in his results would make great modern art!

  3. These are great –
    I downloaded the plug-ins and have been playing with them – really easy to use and rather addictive.. I found it a bit confusing to figure out how to install the various versions of this plug-in – if anyone is interested, you can see some instructions here

  4. Hi Masha. I’m still using CS 3 so I’ll have to wait to use it in PS. I’ve still not tried much with it but the Haeckel examples are encouraging.

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