Matt Prior’s Golden Bail


Another work update and the second beer label I’ve done for the Adur Brewery who like to match their bespoke ales with bespoke artwork. This one is cricket-themed, as you may have noticed, Matt Prior being a cricket player, apparently, and the Ashes tournament currently in progress. I know next to nothing about the sport (this is about as interesting as it usually gets for me) so I had to do some research beforehand. Those padded gloves cricketers wear are awkward things to draw in perspective.

As with the other label design I produced for Adur, this works better at a smaller size but I’ve added a larger version to the artwork pages. Those stumps look rather flat but I reduced the shadow so they could be read as stumps and bails from a distance. Once again, if anyone sees a bottle of this in the wild, take a photo and I’ll post it here.

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4 thoughts on “Matt Prior’s Golden Bail”

  1. Did they send you a picture of the gloves to work from? Because what you have drawn looks a lot more like batting gloves than wicket-keeping gloves.

  2. That’s the hazard of working in haste (and my ignorance). I was given a sporting goods reference and asked to do it asap, so… I’ll claim artistic licence.

  3. Hello, I am the Assistant Stage Manager on a show at the Stephen Joseph Theatre and was wondering if we could use your labels on the beer bottles in our show if the designer likes it – it is set on a cricket pitch so these would be great – Thank you, Clare Heath.

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