The art of Benoit Prévot


The Fountain of Youth.

Another artist I ought to have mentioned earlier. Benoit Prévot is a French illustrator and comic artist with a sideline in stylish homoerotics. He’s witty too, wit being a rare quality in art of this nature, as is the Twenties’ atmosphere he so obviously enjoys. His official site has originals for sale.


Wine-Fuelled Imaginings.

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2 thoughts on “The art of Benoit Prévot”

  1. Try an artist named Silvio Cadelo (a strip of his with Jodorowsky appeared in Heavy Metal many years ago). He has some nicely ambiguous sexuality, at times. Try his books Envie de Chien, Alandor and La Fleur Amoreuse. His style does on occasion remind
    one of Moebius, but Cadelo seems a bit more earthy and ambiguous.

  2. Thanks William. I’d not come across Cadelo’s work before as far as I’m aware. I like all these European artists, the French and Belgian ones especially have always appealed far more than American ones. Prévot’s figures remind me a lot of Schuiten, another fan of the Art Deco era.

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