4 thoughts on “If Paintings Had Voices, Francis Bacon’s Would Shriek”

  1. She’s more hard-edged than Bacon ever got, good stuff though. Bacon was never a very good draughtsman but then that’s not the point of his work. It’s more about the impact of the image and the painterly gesture. I imitated him a few times myself.

  2. Have you seen the movie about him? – Love is the Devil, I just found the soundtrack, which is very good. I’ve heard the guy playing James Bond currently is Bacon’s psychotic lover in the film. I’ve read mixed reviews, but most think it is very good.

  3. Yeah, it is good, director John Maybury was one of Derek Jarman’s assistants for a while. I’ve had it on tape for years and was thinking of buying the DVD. One review I read says the commentary from Derek Jacobi and Daniel Craig has the pair joking about James Bond being in bed with the Emperor Claudius (a notable part Jacobi played for the BBC in the 1970s).

    For a look at the real Francis Bacon and his work you can do worse than watch the South Bank Show special about him.

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