Louis Rhead’s peacocks


La femme au paon (Woman with peacocks): from L’Estampe Moderne (1897).

Two works by British Art Nouveau poster artist and illustrator, Louis Rhead (1858–1926). The first of these is very typical and resembles many of his magazine covers of the period. The cover illustration for The Century, meanwhile, must count as the only time I’ve seen a peacock presented as a possible Christmas dish.


The Century Christmas Number (December 1894).

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7 thoughts on “Louis Rhead’s peacocks”

  1. The drawing of the peacock on the platter is fascinating. Maybe it is the Thirteenth Day of Christmas and everyone is tired of all those twelve day gifts.

    The designs in the clothing and in the feathers relate to each other and perhaps the mutual color is a way of creating mood. The red seems more sombre and the gold more festive.

  2. I suppose a peacock was a less mundane choice for Mr Rhead than a goose or a turkey. They’re rather scrawny birds, however, I’m not sure there’d be much meat to go around.

  3. Hi John,

    Couldn’t let this post pass without doing my bit to pimp my better-half’s blog, on which he proudly displays his piece of Louis Rhead designed ceramics in the shape of a tall jug – not a peacock in sight though I’m afraid.

    Porcelain Porn

  4. Pimp away, by all means, Callum! That’s a great jug, I’m jealous. I nearly mentioned Rhead’s poster for The Sun since it reminds me a little of the woman with the peacocks. Similar garden and path.

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  6. naeem: Did you see the words written directly above the comment box which state “Note: This is not an art or bookselling site. Please don’t ask for valuations.” ?

    I’m not an art dealer and this isn’t an art dealing site. Any further requests like this will be deleted.

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