11 thoughts on “The art of François Houtin”

  1. I’ve known about his work for a while but last time I looked there wasn’t a decent selection to see–or if there was, I missed it.

  2. Thanks for the link, Id rather given up on blogs, its bad enough being inside of my skull, access to the inside someone else’s usually proves intolerable, but not so on this occaison…

  3. Thanks, I was alerted to Notcot after they linked here once and had a big spike of web traffic as a result.

    Yes, The Nonist is gone too. Not so much of a surprise to me as he’d been talking aloud about doing something outside the blog format. I think he even retired for a while and then returned. Five years seems to be the cut-off point for many people.

  4. I know that Armstrong Fine Art has a nice selection on their website and I believe that is only a small part of what they offer. Check them out!

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