The art of John Hurford


Oz #45, November 1972.

This large-format issue of Oz magazine with John Hurford’s cover was one of the last published and is also one of the few issues I own. Hurford provided many interior illustrations for Oz and other magazines, as well as producing poster art and other graphics. Unlike many artists of the period he’s still active and has his own site with examples of recent work. For more Oz covers, go here.

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3 thoughts on “The art of John Hurford”

  1. Hi John,

    It was good to follow the link to John Hurford’s site; lots of great pics there. Thanks for posting this.

    In the intro about him it says he “was the ONLY psychedelic artist of his generation to contribute to all three of the most influential and important underground publications of the 1960s – OZ Magazine, International Times and Gandalf’s Garden.”

    well, him AND Barney Bubbles! Barney worked on all 3 of those too. :-)

  2. Indeed. And the pair have another connection in that I seem to recall a piece of Hurford art being used in a Hawkwind tour program, maybe the 1980 one. I still have those things somewhere although the great Hawklords program you alluded to earlier remains frustratingly elusive!

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