6 thoughts on “The art of Arnaldo Pomodoro”

  1. Steve: Thanks. I know someone in Charlotte, I’ll have to mention this to him next time we speak.

    Nathalie: the Vatican grounds had one of the Sphere works although I don’t know whether that was temporary or not. I love the way these things function on a number of different levels, depending how you see them. Many of them look like abandoned artefacts from the future but they can also be viewed metaphorically or seen as merely abstract objects. They seem especially suited to old buildings.

  2. I want to say that the lobby of the building Il Grande Disco is in front of was in the film _Hellraiser III_, but at this moment I can’t remember if Il Grande Disco was visible or not, and I don’t have the film on the shelf here to check. Will check later.

  3. Steve: My Charlotte friend tells me that the Pomodoro disc does indeed appear in Hellraiser III.

  4. Hello, I have taken some photos of il Grande Disco in Charlotte’s Downtown in january 2008. It’s amazing. May be in front of the Bank Of America Tower.

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