The art of Julie Heffernan


Self Portrait as Booty (2007).

I hadn’t come across Julie Heffernan’s work before until examples turned up a few weeks ago on several different websites in the space of a few days. The picture above—a typical indicator of her current concerns—is featured on the cover of a new edition of Tin House, a collection of fantasy stories by women.

All Heffernan’s paintings are very detailed oil on canvas and no doubt look a lot better at a larger size. A book of these would be most welcome.


Self Portrait in the Bedroom (2003).

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An appraisal by David Cohen

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5 thoughts on “The art of Julie Heffernan”

  1. Hey there:

    She is one of my absolute favorites. And she does have two books, or at least catalogs out that I know of: Everything That Rises, and Booty, both available through the PPOW Gallery.

  2. Thanks Tim, not come across Gail Potocki before. Very curious work, I didn’t notice all the bees at first.

    Hi Pam. Your site was one of the places I referred to above where I spotted her work. I expected there’d be some catalogues available but I also expect it’s only a matter of time before she gets a book commission. There seems to be a greater level of interest in this kind of art than there has been for some time, possibly because a new generation of artists (like Ms Heffernan) have started to make their presence felt. The vogue for what’s been called Pop Surrealism shows that people are responding to (and creating) art that isn’t troubled by moribund ideas of what constitutes an avant garde.

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