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650 Philip K Dick covers here although no thumbnails for ease of browsing. Interesting seeing how many publishers have tried to bracket Dick as a typical science fiction writer when many of his books are marginal sf at best. Then there’s the curiosity of the translated title, Substance Mort for A Scanner Darkly being one example.

Update: Odd coincidence dept. (well, it’s PKD, right?), having posted the above last night I find today that Dick enthusiast Erik Davis is discussing the DAW cover (above, right) over at Total Dick Head. Thanks to this we discover that the artist is Bob Pepper who produced the classic cover art for Love’s Forever Changes album.

Update 2: Henri alerts us to his own PKD site which also includes even more cover scans (and thumbnails this time), including those from French editions.

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  1. I still haven’t seen the Scanner Darkly film or read the graphic novel adaptation but my copy of the book is the one with Bob Pepper’s cover.
    The first Dick book I ever bought was

    mostly because I found the cover so weirdly disturbing and attractive

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