Prince Iskandar’s horoscope


The horoscope of Prince Iskandar, grandson of Tamerlane, the Turkman Mongol conqueror, by Imad al-Din Mahmud al-Kashi, showing the positions of the heavens at the moment of Iskandar’s birth on 25th April 1384.

From the Wellcome Trust image collection. Considering the Wellcome Trust’s medical background, there’s a surprising amount of non-scientific material in its image library, not least a collection devoted to Witchcraft. This perhaps reflects the wide-ranging interests of the Trust’s founder, Henry Wellcome. Jay Babcock and I visited the exhibition of artefacts from Wellcome’s vast collection at the British Museum in 2003 and that proved to be a similarly surprising cabinet of curiosities, including sheets of tattooed human skin and Charles Darwin’s skull-headed walking stick. I was sure I had a photograph of the latter but don’t seem able to find it if it’s still around. Never mind, the BBC has a picture, together with other items from the exhibition. Also on display there was a specially-commissioned film from the Brothers Quay which can now be seen in their DVD collection.

Via Boing Boing.

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  1. A marvellous exhibition and one where I wished I’d been able to purchase one of the books on offer. Had to make do with the newspaper-style catalogue in the end. It was good to see many families there on the day we attended (oddly enough, the morning after The Cramps played the Astoria), children being shown many, many strange and interesting objects… forget schools, THIS is education!

  2. I got the paper thing as well. I rarely buy major exhibition catalogues full price, I usually find they turn up secondhand (or remaindered) eventually!

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