The recurrent pose 2


Solitude (?) by Hans Thoma (no date).

A couple more examples of the Flandrin pose. There are other versions around but most are poor copies of the original. Hans Thoma (1839–1924) was a very conventional German artist whose work occasionally skirts the homoerotic, perhaps unintentionally. I may post some of his prints later. He produced another variation on the Flandrin pose entitled The Prodigal Son with the figure reversed.


An uncredited and undated photograph from a collection of vintage male nudes on Flickr. That looks like a Union flag so we can guess that photographer and model were British.

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  1. I have a very similar intaglio print by Hans Thoma dated 1919. The figure is flipped left to right. The title of the print is “Der Verlorene Sohn” (The Prodigal Son).

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